Spencer Rex

Spencer Rex began his career focused on failure analysis/damage mechanism identification for the power generation/pulp and paper/petrochemicals industries. He then spent 8 years working as a Corrosion and Materials Engineer/Metallurgist for 2 major Oil Refiners. In this role he was involved in damage mechanisms identification, use of risk-based inspection techniques, materials selection and corrosion control plans with a focus on existing / aging equipment. Other areas of expertise include setting up and maintaining Mechanical Integrity Programs to protect the plant against damage mechanisms.

Curriculum Vitae

Years of Experience: 9

Education and Licenses:

  • BS, 2009, Metallurgical Engineering, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT
  • API 580 Certified
  • Previous API 510 and 570 certifications

Areas of Specialization

  • Damage mechanisms in Oil Refineries and NGL plants
  • Developing and Implementing Corrosion Control Documents
  • Materials/Corrosion damage reviews, corrosion loops identification and circuitization for fixed equipment programs
  • Implementing and maintaining plant wide Mechanical Integrity Programs for Sulfidation, HTHA, Mix Point/Injection Points and Atmospheric Overhead Corrosion Control
  • Developing/Implementing/Maintaining and Using Integrity Operating Windows to improve plant wide Mechanical Integrity
  • Continuous Thickness Monitoring solutions to determine the major factors contributing to high corrosion rates in process streams
  • Welding Procedure reviews
  • Inspection Plan development using Fixed interval or Risk-Based approaches based on damage reviews and knowledge of NDE