RBI, Materials & Inspection for Refineries

High-risk oil and gas companies rely on equipment reliability and efficiency for safe operations at the lowest sustainable cost. Today’s smart technologies enable improved safety though asset protection programs that identify risk and create safe operating environments to control it. Assessments through Risk-Based Inspection, Materials/Corrosion Reviews and Piping Circuitization programs provide the data needed to better predict and prevent damaging events.

Trinity Bridge consultants can help change the way you think about fixed equipment assessment and inspection planning by targeting inspection dollars to the most critical areas of your facility’s operations. We can help build and sustain a RBI program that documents, analyzes and compares data throughout the plant. By better understanding the relationship between process conditions and equipment damage, we can uncover vulnerable areas and provide options to control risk through Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs), piping circuitization and other risk prevention programs.

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The integration of RBI with piping circuitization and IOWs can provide the knowledge and insight you need for inspection planning and management.

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