Improving Piping Inspection with RBI and IOW's

Presenter:  Lynne Kaley, Clay White

Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) is accepted and has been widely used to optimize inspection activities in the industry starting in the 1990’s.  While RBI for pressure vessels has been generally accepted and easily managed, the application to piping systems in a manageable way has been more challenging.  In addition, API 584 for establishing Integrity Operating Windows (IOW’s) has created an opportunity to manage piping and properly integrate inspection activities through RBI approaches. The objective of the presentation is to provide a description of the steps necessary to develop an improved equipment & piping inspection program through the use of risk analysis in conjunction with corrosion loop & circuit definition and identification integrity operating windows (IOW’s).

The presentation discussion will include:

  • Defining equipment & piping corrosion loops and circuits
  • Establishing corrosion loops and circuits in an RBI program
  • Performing corrosion/materials review
  • Identifying specific corrosion/materials concerns
  • Conducting RBI analysis
  • Using unit drawing systems for development and documentation of analysis
  • Developing recommended inspection plans

Several examples will be included to demonstrate the suggested application of techniques and results.